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Dounya Matar is founder and principal of Dounya Interiors. Her creative and business understanding allow her to create beautiful environments that reflect a client's lifestyle, ideas, and taste into a unified vision. She enjoys the process of making her client's dreams become a reality, as she turns out spaces that are functional , yet elegant and sophisticated.

She has always enjoyed the power and beauty of design. As a child her favorite pastime was touring open homes to view artfully decorated rooms and dramatic architecture. In her early teens she began collecting and archiving inspirational photographs. Encouraged by her family, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from the College of Notre Dame, graduating Valedictorian of her class. After graduation, she worked at Nazareth Enterprises, her family's Real Estate Development firm, managing real estate. Her love for design was finally realized and fulfilled when she began assisting in the design of residential and commercial developments for NE. Her work encompassed architectural detailing to selecting materials and finishes to staging the final product. This was the beginning of her education in creating refined interiors that range from modern to the most traditional.

Ever since, she has taken on a multitude of residential and commercial projects such as condominium conversions, private offices, single-family homes, townhouse developments and multi-use projects. She is fully committed to the success of each job.

"I love what I do - My strong passion for design, people interaction and beauty helps me transform mediocre spaces into beautiful and awe-inspiring environments, all while respecting clients' individuality, ideas and passions."

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